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Welcome to Contract Checking LLP (referred to as “we,” “us,” or “our”).

This page outlines the terms and conditions for the use of our Platform, which can be accessed through the website https://www.contractchecking.com (“the Website”) or our mobile application (“the App”) and the associated software (“Platform Software”). Collectively, these are referred to as “the Platform.” Please read these terms of use (“Terms”) carefully. By using the Platform, you accept these Terms and agree to abide by them. If you do not agree, please do not use the Platform.

Who We Are

The Platform is owned and operated by Contract Checking LLP, a UK limited partnership, part of Marbs Group Ltd, registered in England under company number 15106609].

Here are some important details about us:

Trading Address: Contract Checking LLP, 34 New House, 67-68 Hatton Garden, London EC1N 8JY

Registered Office: Contract Checking LLP, 34 New House, 67-68 Hatton Garden, London EC1N 8JY

All legal advice and/or drafting advice provided through the Platform is delivered by Contract Checking LLP’s approved legal advice partners (“Approved Legal Advice Partner(s)”).

These Terms do not cover drafting services and/or legal advice provided by Contract Checking LLP. Additional terms and conditions apply when using these services, and you will be provided with those terms before engaging Contract Checking LLP and/or any Approved Legal Advice Partner.

If we recommend referring your matter to an Approved Legal Advice Partner with whom we have an arrangement for referral fees, we will inform you of these fees and obtain your consent before making the referral.

Use of the Platform: General Terms

You are granted temporary, non-exclusive permission to use the Platform. We can change or withdraw our services without notice. We may also permit others to use the Platform and the documents provided.

You are not allowed to copy, modify, duplicate, or distribute any part of the Platform or attempt to reverse engineer it.

The Platform and its documents should not be made available to third parties, except to users you invite to share your documents, who must also accept these Terms.

You are responsible for your computer’s configuration and software, and we are not responsible for viruses or software compatibility issues.

Keep your identification codes and passwords confidential. Failure to do so may lead to disabling your security information.

You agree to follow our Acceptable Use Policy.

Ensure that anyone you allow to use the Platform reads and complies with these Terms.

Use the Platform in accordance with the law and these Terms. Non-compliance may result in suspension or termination.

We regularly update the Platform, but we do not store credit card details. Your data handling is governed by our Privacy Policy.

Personal data handling is also subject to our Privacy Policy. You agree to us handling your personal data.

We use cookies. Read about them in our Cookie Policy.

Documents Section: Specific Terms

Upon paying the applicable fee, you can:

  • Download and use a document from the Platform.
  • Edit the document.
  • Store the document on the Platform.
  • Store non-Contract Checking LLP documents on the Platform.

You are solely responsible for the use and editing of downloaded documents. We do not provide legal, financial, or tax advice and do not guarantee the suitability of our documents.

We exclude all legal responsibility for reliance on the Platform and Contract Checking LLP documents.

All Contract Checking LLP documents are drafted under English law. Seek legal advice relevant to your jurisdiction before using them.

Free Consultation

A free initial consultation is available to eligible customers as specified on the Website and App, provided by lawyers working with Contract Checking LLP.

Each consultation is for separate legal issues and cannot be combined.

The initial consultation is not legal advice but an opportunity to discuss services and costs.

Platform Account

You can create an account on the Platform to access services, and your personal data is handled according to our Privacy Policy.

Additional benefits may be offered depending on your location or referral source when creating an account. You can manage your account preferences.

Intellectual Property Rights

We own or hold licenses for all intellectual property rights on the Platform, its material, and documents. You can use them as per these Terms.

Breach of these Terms may result in loss of access to the Platform and the requirement to destroy or return copies of documents.

Our Legal Responsibility

We do not guarantee the accuracy of material on the Platform, and you are responsible for its use. We exclude legal responsibility for any loss arising from Platform use.

We exclude implied terms and warranties.

We aim for 24/7 availability but do not guarantee uninterrupted service. We are not responsible for data transfer issues.

We do not exclude legal responsibility for death, personal injury, fraud, or where exclusion is prohibited by law.

We make an effort to securely store and back up customer data.

Any duty of care is owed to you alone, not to third parties. We are not liable for failure due to circumstances beyond our control.

Refund Policy

If you pay for a document that is not made available, we will refund the fee.

Fees and refunds related to Contract Checking LLP’s Limited services are governed by separate terms and conditions.

Computer Offenses

Criminal offenses under the Computer Misuse Act 1990 will lead to the termination of your Platform access. We will report such offenses to authorities.

Computer misuse, including introducing harmful material, is prohibited.

Confidentiality and Conflicts

We have confidentiality obligations to protect your information, except when required by law.

You must also treat the information we provide as confidential and not disclose it unless legally required.


We have a formal complaints procedure. Details are available on our Website.


We may change these Terms, so check for updates as they are binding on you.

Links to Our Platform

You can link to our Website’s homepage if your website meets our Acceptable Use Policy. We may end this permission at any time.

Do not suggest endorsement by us without written agreement.

Links from our Platform

Links to other websites on our Platform are for information only. We are not responsible for those websites or any loss from using them.

Trade Mark

“Contract Checking LLP” is our registered trademark, and all rights are reserved.

Law which applies to disputes

English courts have the exclusive jurisdiction for claims related to our Platform, governed by English law.

Contact Us

Please email us at [email protected] for any inquiries.

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