How it works (Short version)

How it works


1 What do I do? 

upload contractUpload your contract and let us know your specific questions or concerns.

2 Who reviews? 

lawyer reviewsWithin 48hours our experienced contract lawyers will ensure the contract is legally valid, specific and unambiguous.

3 Further questions? 

just askIf you have further questions, just ask. We are here to help you fully understand any contract.

When reviewing your contract, your lawyer will:
  • Check that the contract is clear, legally valid and enforceable
  • Highlight any problems and shortfalls and explain their implications
  • Review your aims and how well the contract meets them
  • Address any specific questions or concerns you may have
  • If relevant, suggest modifications and alternative wordings to better protect your interests

Focusing on contracts, our lawyers have extensive experience and can help review any kind of contract. We always use the most experienced lawyer for your contract.

You can see an overview of some of the types of contracts we review.

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