History about Contract Checking LLP.

Revolutionizing Contract Review with Contract Checking LLP.

Meet Ralph Ehlers, the visionary entrepreneur driving the innovative web-based contract review service, Contract Checking LLP, a part of Marbs Group Ltd. Drawing on a deep-rooted history in the insurance software industry and an unwavering commitment to simplifying intricate contract matters, Ralph Ehlers is on a mission to reshape the online contract services landscape.

Our Journey So Far

Our narrative commences in 2012 when Ralph Ehlers introduced Check-A-Contract, a game-changing contract review service that quickly garnered acclaim and recognition. In just three short years, the website was successfully transferred, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of online contract services. The dream of European expansion was on the horizon, but it remained unfulfilled after the sale.

A Fresh Start

Fast forward nearly a decade, and Ralph Ehlers returns with a reinvigorated vision, presenting Contract Checking LLP. Freed from the constraints of non-compete clauses, Mr. Ehlers wasted no time in embarking on this fresh journey.

What We Bring

Contract Checking LLP, much like its predecessor, is devoted to serving individuals and small businesses seeking contract-related support. Our users can anticipate a prompt, efficient, and dependable service, with a team of accomplished solicitors scrutinizing their uploaded documents for a fixed fee.

Meet the Team

Our UK division boasts a network of 30 lawyers, many of whom are retired, semi-retired, or on maternity leave, offering their expertise on a freelance basis. Furthermore, we have access to a pool of 3,100 lawyers who serve as a valuable backup resource.

Adapting to the Modern Era

The competitive landscape has undergone a significant transformation since the inception of Check-A-Contract in 2012. The evolving environment offers its own advantages, including a more sophisticated affiliate system, swifter technology, the integration of AI, and the extensive reach of social media.

Future Prospects

Ralph Ehlers envisions boundless potential for expansion, including reigniting European aspirations. He foresees Brexit creating fresh opportunities for online contract services, although the strategy remains a work in progress.

The Bright Future of Contract Checking LLP

Contract Checking LLP represents not just a continuation of past successes; it’s a reimagining of contract review services in the digital age. With a burgeoning network of legal experts and a flexible pricing structure, Contract Checking LLP is poised to simplify contract-related challenges for a global audience. Our journey has only just begun, and the future promises boundless opportunities for expansion and innovation in the realm of online contract services. Join us on this thrilling journey at Contract Checking LLP.

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